With a crafty spirit and a computer, you can plan parties that will give your birthday child and his guests something to sing about. Spending a little extra time online can make a huge difference when it comes to planning a memorable party. So put on a birthday hat, eat some cake, and start tapping away – and surfing!

by Sherry V. Crawley

The Site List

Pinterest.com: A social networking site that allows you to create boards and “pin” items from others or anywhere on the internet to organize ideas. Fair warning: once you get started it can be really hard to stop!
Etsy.com: A seemingly endless online marketplace where you will find beautiful invitations, unique gifts and countless ways to customize your party.
iStockphoto.com: If you have any graphic design experience, find artwork galore on this site to create your own special invitations and party items.
Mpix.com and Shutterfly.com: These are just two of many sites that offer printing online. Tip: print your invitation as a 4X6 photo, which is much less expensive than actual cards.
Marthastewart.com: This site has precious party ideas, detailed decoration how-to’s and lots of recipes for menu inspiration.
Pbs.org/parents/birthdayparties and Disney.go.com: Two places to begin when you are looking for ideas for parties themed around specific characters.
YouTube.com: Learn how to make your own balloon arch, bob for apples or sing Happy Birthday in Chinese.
Prezi.com: Create fun presentations to show on your TV or computer screen.

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